Bienville & Webster-Claiborne Baptist Association
 Annual Meetings 2019 


Bienville Baptist Association will meet October 1, 5:00 pm,
 at Bryceland Cristo es la Roca.

Webster-Claiborne Association will meet October 20, 5:00 pm,
 at First Baptist Homer.


Both associations will follow a similar program.
  -   5:00 initial business, present new business & Book of Reports, 15 minutes.
  -   5:20-6:15 Mission Fair
  -   6:00-6:35 supper, fair will overlap with supper
  -   6:45 pre service music & business session, 7 pm-8 pm Worship Rally

Reports will be given in printed form and through exhibits. We are asking that you get written reports in to us as early as possible for Book of Reports and to bring handouts for an exhibit. Your exhibit will need to fit on a half table at Bryceland, can be bigger at Homer, we will need confirmation to arrange space.

Exhibits to feature Missions and Ministry Projects sponsored by local churches, associations, and LBC ministries. If your church has an ongoing compassion ministry or mission, please consider doing an exhibit and having members present to interact with others. Our goal is to learn from each other how to better connect with our world.


Possible Exhibits: B- Bienville, WC- Webster-Claiborne
  -   BCM Tech, Camp Harris, Rolling Hills, LC, LBC, MMC, Scott Teutsch (B & WC)
  -   Portugal exhibit & testimony, Mark & Jane Carver (B & WC)
  -   Kingdom Builders, Dorcas Ministry, Bible Clubs, CMA
  -   New Ramah, (B) Confirmed
  -   Bistineau (WC)
  -   FBC Minden (WC)
  -   North Acres CASA (WC)
  -   Heflin (WC)
  -   Ringgold (B), Confirmed
  -   Bryceland (B & WC)
  -   Pine Grove (B), Confirmed
  -   Castor FBC, (B) Confirmed
  -   New Beginnings (B) Confirmed
  -   Arcadia FBC (B) Confirmed
  -   New Ebenezer (B)
  -   New Sarepta (WC) Confirmed
  -   Ruple, Jerry Gill, WMU Mission Group


New Business:
Two proposals will be made by the DOM at our annual meetings. The proposals will be acted on by the Executive Boards in January so that both associations can have input.

I propose that the Executive Boards of Bienville and Webster-Claiborne Baptist Associations consider transferring ownership of the Disaster Relief Laundry Unit to Carey Baptist Association in Lake Charles.
Rolling Hills has Laundry and Shower Units and our unit is now redundant, idle much of the time. Also, South Louisiana is the focus of most DR work and Lake Charles also can use the Laundry Unit for homeless shelter.

I propose that the Executive Boards of Bienville and Webster-Claiborne Baptist Associations consider transferring our construction tools, that were originally used for Katrina Rebuild and also a mission church construction ministry (that is no longer active), to Camp Harris. Tools consist of framing nail guns, saws, drills, and air compressor. The camp has constant need for tools and can better utilize our equipment.



Bruce Bratton, Bienville, Music Bryceland, October 1

Gibbie McMillan, Webster-Claiborne, Music by FBC Homer, October 20


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