News - NOBTS Shreveport - Spring 2019


The Shreveport Extension of the NOBTS Campus is excited to announce our class offerings for the Spring 2019 semester, beginning January 22, 2019. If you could help us by spreading the word to your pastors/staff members, feel free to forward this email on to them as well as place this information in your regular publications. The Shreveport Extension is able to offer classes for a variety of degree opportunities: certificates, diplomas, associates and bachelor degrees as well as a graduate M. Div. degree. The following courses will be offered this Spring:


Day     Time           Course Num.  Course Name                     Hours     Instructor

Thur.   8:00-8:50    CMCM1110 Personal Spiritual Disciplines     1    Dr. Cliff Estes
Thur.   9-11:50        BSCM2310 Old Testament Survey                  3    Dr. Byron Longino
Thur.   1:00-3:50     CECM1300 Intro to Christian Education         3    Dr. Scott Sullivan
Thur.   5:00-7:50     BSCM4313 Eighth Century Prophets of          3    Dr. Byron Longino
                                  Israel: Hosea and Amos


Day    Time               Course Num. Course Name                            Hours    Instructor

Mon   10:00-12:50   PREA6200 Preaching Practicum                        2       Dr. Cliff Estes
Mon   1:00-2:50       EVAN5250 Church Evangelism                            2      Dr. Tom Harrison
Mon   3:00-4:50       CESW6214 Interpersonal Relationship Skills     2      CIV From NOLA
Mon    5:00-6:50      PATH6230 Supervised Ministry 2                         2      Dr. Scott Teutsch

Financial Aid is available through the NOBTS website financial aid tab. The Caskey Center offers a $6,000.00 annual scholarship to any Bi-voc/part time or full time pastor of a Louisiana SBC church that runs 250 or less in worship!

If I can answer any questions or share information with your pastors/staff at any upcoming meeting, just email me. The Shreveport Extension is ready to help your ministers to continue their training for Kingdom work.

Dr. Scott J. Teutsch
NOBTS Extension Director
Shreveport Campus